Adobe Illustrator is the state of the art of illustration. The industry standard vector graphics application allows you to create logos, icons, drawings, typography and illustrations for print, web, video and mobile devices. Millions of designers and artists use Illustrator to create everything from web icons and product packaging to book illustrations and billboards.

Iconic work in any size.
Get all the drawing tools you need to convert simple shapes and colors into sophisticated logos, icons and graphics. Adobe Illustrator Portable illustrations are based on vectors, so they can be reduced for mobile screens and even the size of a billboard, and they always look crisp and beautiful.

Beautiful typography that says it all.
Enter a company name in a logo, create a flyer or simulate a website design with the best type tools available. Add effects, manage styles and edit individual characters to create typographic designs that perfectly express your messages.

It attracts attention everywhere.
Create freehand drawings, or trace and re-color imported photos to turn them into works of art. Use your illustrations anywhere, including printed pieces, presentations, websites, blogs and social networks.

Quick export of assets for screens
Select assets from your work tables and export them to multiple sizes, resolutions and formats with a single click.

Puppet Warp
Modify a chart naturally, without having to adjust individual routes or anchor points.

SVG color fonts
Design with SVG OpenType fonts that include multiple colors, gradients and transparencies.

Worktable improvements
Create up to a thousand work tables on your canvas and select several work tables at once to move, resize and more.

What’s new:
You will notice that with the latest version, accelerated performance and stability on the desktop. Effects such as parallel shadows and Gaussian blurs become faster. We have reorganized Illustrator under the hood, so that large and complex files with multiple work tables save more than 2 times faster.

We have also included the main community requests. With the spell checker, you now have the option of activating the indicators to alert you to spelling errors while writing. If you work with complex routes, we have also updated the Route Simplification feature so that you eliminate unnecessary anchor points efficiently and at the same time maintain the integrity of the routes.

Finally, we announce that Illustrator will arrive on the iPad in 2020. Soon you can design on the iPad with the tools you know and love. You will also experience completely new forms of creative expression never seen before.

Files open 2 times faster
We solve many small problems so that this is the most reliable version so far. The Illustrator save processes have been renewed so that files with very complex vector illustrations, multiple embedded images and files with many work tables open significantly faster.

Uninterrupted work Files are now saved in the background
Now, when you save a file in Adobe Illustrator Portable, you no longer have to stop what you are doing. Saving files can be run in the background so you can continue working.

Fast rendering of effects and live previews
If you use parallel shadows or Gaussian blurs in your designs, they will now be processed faster. In addition, you can now preview the effects on your designs before committing to them.

More efficient route simplification
We have updated the Route Simplification tool to make it even more effective in eliminating missing points, unnecessary points and redundant points.

See spelling error alerts
If you have text in your files, you now have the option of activating the spell checker with real-time alerts. If there is a spelling error, you will see a red indicator around possible spelling errors. Now you can get spelling suggestions directly from your document.