Recover lost or deleted data and partitions from your Windows, Mac and Linux operating system with

the help of this multifunctional data recovery tool

We work all day on our computers, and all that use can eventually take its toll on our computer, both

from the point of view of hardware and software.

In both cases, one of the side effects could be corruption and / or loss of files, which can be

catastrophic, depending on what has been lost.

Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery is a multi-use data recovery tool that manages to recover any form

of data that may have been lost due to corruption or accidental deletion, regardless of the medium in

which it was stored.
Recover data regardless of background

It doesn’t matter if you have just started using a PC, or if you were born with a laptop in your

arms, Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery is definitely an application that you will quickly get used


The user interface is perfectly designed to be easy to use and complete, to the point that using the

“Help” file is almost useless.
Recover files in just a few steps

The configuration of a file recovery process is done through an interface similar to an assistant,

with each menu completed that asks you to take the next step.

This process is similar to the typical configuration of your program, where all you have to do is

read what is written on the screen and then press “Next”.
Recover all types of data from a variety of media.

Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery covers all data, including files, folders, Office documents,

emails, photos, audio and videos, as well as data from a disk image or lost partitions.

As for file types, this tool can be used to recover anything from Office documents to folders,

emails, photos, audio or video files. One thing worth noting is that the broader the search spectrum,

the longer the scan duration and subsequent recovery.
A great application to recover almost all data on your PC

Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery is presented as efficient, powerful, versatile and easy to use,

making it a great addition to almost anyone’s digital library.